Cool Science for Kids

On Tuesday, Pete, from Cool Science for Kids, visited us for a day of cool science. 

We started the day by learning how to construct a battery from just 2 coins, a few screws, a couple of lemons and an orange. By connecting these to make a circuit we were able to light an LED!

We then worked on our own circuits and learnt that, depending how you wired the circuit, you could light on, two or three of the LEDs. Pete demonstrated how electricity would travel differently through different types of wires. We looked at copper, brass and toaster wire. By twisting the wire we could change how the wire conducted the electricity. We were able to twist the toaster wire which then conducted enough electricity to burn a hole through paper.

To finish the session we experimented with a static electricity generator. This was a really hair-raising experience, particularly for Edward!

Report written by members of Year 6

Judged by Ofsted to be OUTSTANDING in March 2009 and OUTSTANDING in ALL Areas in November 2014. See the full report on the Ofsted website.