Visit to Sutton Bridge Power Station

As part of Science Week, Mrs Uys led the Year 6s on a tour of Sutton Bridge Power Station.

Sutton Bridge is a gas-fired power station on the border between Norfolk and Lincolnshire. The children learnt, during their visit, that it supplies electricity for 2% of England and Wales. They also learnt that, because of the countries commitment to green energy, there are days when the power station is not gas-fired at all but powered by the various wind turbines that can be found in the area.

We were amazed that the gas used to produce our electricity travels to us from as far away as Russia. We were able to see the end of the pipes delivering the gas and couldn't believe that the end of the pipe was 1000s of miles away.

We would like to thank Holly's dad, Mr Bantoft, for organising the trip for us.