Norfolk Wildlife Trust Visit

British Science Week 2017 continued on Thursday with a visit from Norfolk Wildlife Trust. The day started off with a whole school assembly where we were able to think about Norfolk and the habitats and animals found in the area, particularly those animals that make our school environment home. Did you know that bats hunt at night by using ultra high frequency sound? The technique, called sonar, is also used by submarines to hunt underwater. The high frequency sounds are sent out by the bats and bounce of their prey, insects such as moths, and then when they are received back by the bats ears they are able to pinpoint their food. We learnt about this in assembly and then also learnt that insects, such as moths, have evolved ears that can pick up the high frequency sounds which help them to escape the bats.

We then divided into year groups and spent our lessons in the outdoor classroom discovering animals whose habitats can be found around Norfolk. We were able to study the bones from various animals and then went on a scavenger hunt around the school grounds collecting various example of wildlife which we then used to create our own Nature Art. It was a brilliant day!

Report by members of Year 5