Kentwell Hall Trip

Years 5 & 7 spent a wonderful day at Kentwell Hall "Travelling Through the Ages".

In the woods they met the Neolithic family, who were busy skinning a deer.  The skin was used for clothing and the meat cooked.  Their tools were made of flint, wood and stone.

In the bake house, the bakers offered to employ the children as they were "hardworking and prepared better loaves for the gentry, than many of their own professional bakers".  They watched cheese and butter being made in the dairy and searched the walled garden, to find the herbs that were used to flour the potage (vegetable stew) being made for the workers for the manor.

After all the heat in the bake house, they cooled down in the ancient ice house, built into the side of the moat.

Moving on to the Regency period, they visited a hat maker and tried on many very glamorous creations and saw a new invention, a wooden bicycle.

Outside they took part in army drills with the Home Guard and in the house, learnt to dance the Charleston, with ladies whose husbands had died in the Great War.

The visit was a great success.  The Children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and gained a better understanding of History through the Ages.