Animal Experience!

A report by Lewis and Rafi - Year 6

The information that we gathered during this visit was inspiring. We spoke to several of our friends and asked for their comments.

"It was amazing to find out that most of the animals had been rescued."

"I liked the meerkat. The keeper had a play fight with him. We learnt that meerkats bite so they do not make good pets."

"I actually held a bull python."

"I was fascinated by the barn owl, he could almost turn his head in a full circle."

"He showed us another rare snake that poachers kill and sell to make shoes and handbags."

"The origin of the blue tongued skink is amazing. Its colours were exotic and it had a soft blue tongue."

"The lizard licked our hands, it was a damp but wonderful feeling!"

"I liked the rock python and the kamodo dragon, I hadn't seen them before."

"The komodo dragon was surprisingly still and calm."

Everyone had plenty to say and they all thought that the talk was really interesting.

Phoebe summed it all up very well. She said

"It was a once in a life time experience."