Year 3 Medieval Maths Workshop

On 17th November Year 3 went on a trip to Norwich Castle where they enjoyed an exciting and challenging day going back to Medieval times and solving maths problems while helping to prepare the castle for a royal banquet. The children had to find ways to measure the circumferences of the pillars, the diameter of the well, the drop from the balcony to the floor and the area of the table for banners and a cloth.They learnt about foods that would have been eaten at a medieval feast and helped to calculate the total cost in shillings. They produced some beautiful banners using symmetry and showed impressive knowledge of history when they were asked to guess what different artefacts might be used for, before placing them into a huge Venn diagram which they made using rope.

They had a very enjoyable and productive day and the castle staff commented on how knowledgeable, polite and well-behaved they were.