Geography is taught by focusing on particular topics i.e. the Earth, Weather and Climate, Human Geography, Maps and Mapping, Africa, Rivers and individual projects on a place of a child’s choice. During class discussions children are encouraged to ask geographical questions and become familiar with appropriate terms and vocabulary.

Practical work is carried out to teach children how to make their own instruments for measuring aspects of weather. They make maps of imaginary and real places, visit a working farm, river, estuary and a quarry.

They refer to the atlas and globe throughout the projects and become familiar with Britain, Europe and World maps. A project on the local area is carried out as a class but in Year 5 the children carry out their own projects, employing their own choice of secondary sources to supply them with the information they need. I.T. is used throughout for gaining and processing information.

In Year 6 pupils are asked to develop their map skills, through accurate map reading and interpretation, including a study of the local area.

Geographical awareness is expanded through a study of lime-scale scenery, why it is important ecologically and culturally, encouraging independent learning through decision-making exercises and individual research.