The school has a well-equipped computer room with a variety of Information Technology equipment and software. The computers are networked and have filtered, secure access to the internet.

During the weekly I.T. lessons, pupils are taught to use and look after the I.T. equipment and software confidently. They learn to be discerning in their use of I.T. and to select information, sources and media for their suitability of purpose. They are also given the opportunity to explore the use of computer systems and control technology in everyday life. Responsible pupils have unlimited, but supervised, access to I.T. equipment and software. All computers in media devices contain filters to ensure that the children can only access approved web sites.      

Dyslexic pupils use a separate computer with individual lesson plans and records. This identifies areas of difficulty with certain letter groups and sounds. Using a diagnostic print-out the teacher is able to modify the programme to meet each child’s needs and re-enforce class work.

Many classrooms boast PC projectors, smart boards and Clevertouch LED screens. These are used, when appropriate, to enhance the learning experience of each child. A set of 20 tablet computers are used within the curriculum and regular staff inset on using ICT within the curriculum ensures that every child experiences the latest advances in communication technology within each subject area.