Music is an important part of life at DPSMN. Music within the school boasts its own specialist room complete with 16 standalone keyboards, a set of 16 African djembe, a full Samba set, a digital drum kit, a wealth of recording and Music Technology equipment, a wide range of pitched and unpitched percussion instruments – both Western and non-Western, and a baby grand piano.

The music curriculum covers many aspects of music and performance from Chinese and African through Western classical to modern day pop and rock. Every curriculum music lesson from early years through to the end of Year 6 includes a practical session, whether it be the performance of pupil’s compositions to the performance of set works or songs.

The curriculum teaching is strengthened by a growing team of peripatetic music teachers who visit the school on a weekly basis to teach one to one and group lessons in orchestral, piano and vocal.

The school boasts a vibrant and healthy choir who meet twice a week to rehearse. They perform regularly both within the school and in the wider community. They often perform with other community groups. Their most recent joint concert found them performing with St. Edmundsbury Male Choir, one of the largest male voice choirs in the UK with over 100 members. During that concert the children were able to help raise over £1500 for the East Anglian Children’s Hospice.